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Immune Health

FLCCC Protocol


  • Telehealth consultation with the provider

  • Assessment of medical history and risk factors

  • Counseling on disease prevention and immune system health

  • Instruction on oral-nasal hygiene

  • Recommend appropriate vitamins and supplements

  • Prescription for Ivermectin if indicated

  • Renewal prescriptions available.

Prescription Renewals

If you are an existing patient and wish to request a Renewal of your Prescription, please send an email to:

Use the subject line:

Prescription Renewal Request


We will send you the forms to begin the process 


CHW Map.bmp
Located next to
Oak Family Dentistry,
just east of the
Food Lion Shopping Center
Click the box below to schedule your telehealth appointment

Appointments Available

South Carolina



*The patient must be physically in the state identified for the telehealth appointment

If you are having a medical emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately

Admin Questions

If you have a general or administrative question, such as pharmacy issues, billing, scheduling, etc, please send an email to:


What can I do before my appointment?

If you are waiting for an appointment with Dr. DeVolld, there are things you can do now.

Click the link below for more information on prevention and early outpatient treatment

If you need a good source for the vitamins and supplements  

visit our Thorne Research Dispensary

(see below)

Thorne Online Dispensary
for discounted vitamins and supplements

You will receive a 15% discount at check-out.

Follow the chart at the bottom of this page to determine what you need to order from Thorne to follow the FLCCC Protocol

Thorne Vitamins and Supplements

When ordering from Thorne, please use the chart below to get the correct item recommended
Thorne Chart.png
For an update on recommended vitamins and supplements, select the NEWS section from our main menu bar.
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